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Successfully Managing an E-Commerce Project within Your Company (CTGE442, CEUs: 0.7)

NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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Successfully Managing an E-Commerce Project within Your Company (CTGE442, CEUs: 0.7)


Traditional companies are at a stage where e-commerce is becoming a critical part of their overall business strategy. Many companies today are either thinking about or embarking upon an e-commerce strategy for their companies. Some are looking to supplement their current infrastructure with an e-commerce effort, while others are looking to transform their traditional way of conducting business to a web based approach to increase customer satisfaction and create business advantages. Many companies know that they should be doing something, but few know how or where to start.

“Starting an ECM Initiative Within Your Company” will cover how to get started, how to gain support, and how to mobilize your company to take action.  In most cases, it starts at the top of the company. Executive Management will need to instill a priority within the company that dictates that e-commerce is important to the overall success of the company. This needs to be a key business strategy that is driven and supported from the top layers of management down throughout the organization. 

Topics include:

  • The business case for e-business

  • Developing the e-commerce plan

  • How to enlist management support

  • Where should the e-commerce initiative reside within your company

  • How to resource your efforts

  • Where do you start?

  • Measuring results

  • Dealing with barriers

  • Communicating and measuring success


To give you an idea of how to start and drive an e-commerce initiative within a large or small company, and the steps required to move it forward


Interactive discussion incorporating both positive and negative examples from those in attendance. The second half of the class will include group breakout sessions where a case study will be analyzed and results presented to the class by the breakout teams.


At least 2 years of business experience, significant access to the Web for both e-mail and surfing, desire to understand how e-commerce effects all aspects of companies, not just how to implement a tactical solution.


  • Patricia Seybold

  • Free, Perfect and Now- Robert Rodin e-commerce management resource from

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