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Organizational Alignment (CTGE 442M, CEUs: 0.7)

NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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Organizational Alignment (CTGE 442M, CEUs: 0.7)


The ECM environment is one that is dynamic, fast-paced, wrought with uncertainty, and often very competitive, and whether the e-business is a brick and mortar company that is attempting to infuse their organization with an e-strategy, or it is a new emerging e-commerce company, the sustainability, profitability, and success of the organization is based upon flawless execution of their business model. This flawless execution cannot be accomplished without organizational alignment.

Organizational alignment and efficiency requires several interdependent components to be in total alignment. Those components include vision, mission, values, strategy, structure, process, leadership, and people. The ultimate pay-off comes when all of the components are in complete alignment. Conversely, many e-businesses have failed because of its inability to balance the demands placed upon them, with the need to define and create the necessary strategies and processes required to achieve organizational alignment.   

Objective of the course:  

To provide a solid understanding of each of the components of organizational alignment, and to provide a practical guide/tool that will enable course participants to do their own organizational diagnosis.

Topics include:

  • Definition and explanation of each of the components
  • A checklist of factors to be considered in order to maximize efficiency
  • A discussion of differences/similarities in requirements between traditional business and e-business as it relates to organizational alignment
  • A case study exploration of businesses that have succeeded or failed based on how well the business was aligned
  • Explore ways in which participants can apply these lessons into their e-business
  • Defining strategies on how to successfully infuse organizational alignment into companies


Interactive discussion, case study exercises, and practical application activities to begin engaging the participants in utilizing the tools that can be integrated into their workplace. e-commerce management resource from

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