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Tools for Effective Selling in Today's Economy (CTGE 442z, CEUs: 0.7)

NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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Tools for Effective Selling in Today's Economy (CTGE 442z, CEUs: 0.7)

In today's environment, an increased number of individuals within companies wear the sales hat for all or part of their jobs. Today's salespeople are a combination of sales experiences, successes, approaches and methodologies. They possess their own "selling" system or process which are practices, tactics, habits and strategies that have been picked up over the years from managers, peers, class trainers, books and audiotapes. The result is a hodgepodge of styles, efforts and practices. When pressed, many veteran salespeople will admit that they "wing it"-that they operate in random attempts to play off what's worked in the past. Many salespeople, their managers, CEOs and Boards are frustrated because "it's not working anymore."

This course is grounded in proven research and real-world practical experience. It focuses on the tactics and best practices of selling covering live casework emphasizing real-world solutions. The tools are immediately useful covering topics including territory and account management, disciplines and regimens, communication skills, sales cycle management, plus effective questioning, probing and appropriate closing skills. This course is often most appreciated by the senior or veteran salespeople because it puts a new fresh framework to tired and sloppy practices. Young salespeople can't help but gain a strong foundation that will suit them well as they launch they develop their selling career.

Key Topics:

  • Priorities - Managing Accounts and Priorities
  • Regimens - Maximizing Activity and Selling Time
  • Operations - Managing the Pipeline and Forecast
  • Communications - Managing What You Communicate (Elevator to Boardroom Pitch)
  • Execution - Optimize Call Preparation and Key Account Selling (Execution is Everything!)
  • Sales Cycle - Controlling the 5-Step Sales Cycle, Effective Qualifying, Probing and Closing
  • Skills - Advanced Selling Skills

To enhance professional selling skills and upgrade understanding of current applicable sales strategies and practical sales tools.

Activities include individual and group interactive exercises, as well as customized role-plays.


Reading Materials:
Training booklet Strategic Sales Execution is required reading for this course and is included in the course fee. e-commerce management resource from

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