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Customer Service: The Key to Building a Wildly Successful Business (CTGE 443X, CEUs: 0.6)

NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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Customer Service: The Key to Building a Wildly Successful Business (CTGE 443X, CEUs: 0.6)

A successful business is not all about your products or services, how you price them or promote them: customer service is the key to ensuring a positive customer experience that develops loyal customers who make repeat purchases and become your ambassadors.

We'll show you how to create a complete online customer experience both from a customer's perspective and from an internal perspective. Whether your customers are consumers or businesses, and whether you work in an organization responsible for customer service (called Customer Care, Technical Support, Field Service, etc.) or you work in another function but need to understand more about the support environment, this course is for you.
Learn how to create a complete positive customer experience including structuring the customer experience prior to the sale, creating support processes for online customers, leveraging the web to deliver service, and defining metrics for success.

After attending "Customer Service: The Key to a Wildly Successful Business", you will be able to:

  • Position service as a key business function
  • Deliver a complete customer experience
  • Define appropriate SLAs (service-level agreements)
  • Implement best-practices processes for delivering web support
  • Leverage web-based tools to deliver service
  • Measure success by using meaningful support metrics

Activities:  Active discussion as part of the lecture

Prerequisites: In order to get the most benefits from the course, students should have at least two years' experience in a customer contact area, preferably in a process or management position; or managerial experience in another area. e-commerce management resource from

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