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The "Process" Behind E-Commerce Success (new course - elective) (CTGE 443Y)

NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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The "Process" Behind E-Commerce Success (new course - elective) (CTGE 443Y)

E-Commerce is everywhere. advertisements are all over TV and radio and the Internet/Intranet is the hottest corporate tool. As the race to be "the first" subsides, the questions of sustaining success looms.  Now that the e-commerce initiatives are going, how can you sustain it?  You can solve the technology problems behind e-commerce, but if you haven’t considered the process issues, you will eventually have a really cool site with no content or a great store with no products or fulfillment capability.

“The Process Behind E-Commerce Success” will focus on how to think about process as well as technology to ensure a sustained e-commerce success. You will learn about how process and systems need to be developed together if you want to meet your business objectives over time.  You will cover real-world scenarios and solutions based on some of the most common problems of sustained e-commerce success. Topics include:

  • What is process and why is it important to e-commerce success?
  • Who needs process?  When it is not enough, and when is it too much?
  • Process differences between the Internet and the Intranet
  • Common e-commerce process issues and how to identify them
  • The importance of tying your e-commerce initiative to  the customer and your company’s processes
  • The need to tie your e-commerce efforts to other company touch points
  • Explore tips for addresses process problems
  • Discussion of how to gain buy-in for process development

Activities:  Interactive discussion draws both positive and negative examples from classmates. Using real web sites with business scenarios and solutions to tie the concepts to practical implementation.  List of resources on where to get more information beyond the class.

Prerequisites:  At least 2 years of business experience, significant access to the Web for both e-mail and surfing, desire to understand how e-commerce effects all aspects of companies, not just how to implement a tactical solution. e-commerce management resource from

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