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25+ Internet Marketing Techniques (CTGE 445O)

NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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25+ Internet Marketing Techniques (CTGE 445O)

Explore over 25 free and fee-based Internet marketing techniques that can increase traffic and revenue to your site. Just putting a signpost on the information highway does not ensure anyone will drive by. The "if you build it, they will come" philosophy of the early Internet days have not worked for years. Many companies have spent $10,000-$5,000,000+ on Web sites that have not met expectations.
Given the hundreds of millions of Web pages and millions of Web sites on the Internet today, what can be done to get your Web site to stand out? You will wal
k away with a thorough appreciation of how this technology can help your company and at least one or two ideas that can be applied immediately. Topics Include: 
  • The "basic components" every Web site should adhere to
  • The exploration of 25+ Internet Marketing techniques
  • Changes in marketing roles needed for this new medium
  • Web-based tools that can help 

Learn Internet marketing tactics that you can apply to your company, including search engine positioning, newsletter creation, online community participation, affiliate programs, banner advertising, contests, auctions, classified ads and more. Walk away with a thorough appreciation of how this technology can help your company and at least 1-2 ideas that can be applied immediately upon your return to the office.

Activities include interactive discussion drawing both positive and negative examples from those in attendance. Active use of online resources will provide tools you can use well beyond the course. 

Reading Materials: selected online resources. e-commerce management resource from

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