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Jeff Whitney Jeff N. Whitney
Co-founder, ECM Alumni Association,

Jeff N. Whitney offers sales and marketing expertise gained in over fifteen years of progressive management roles in both Fortune 500 and pre-IPO organizations. During this time, Mr. Whitney created, staffed and managed entire departments, recruited and managed resellers and distributors, and introduced new products, sales models and strategies. Mr. Whitney has trained thousands of professionals in microcomputer technology, networking, servers and related subjects in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. In the 1980s, Mr. Whitney was the founding President of the Association of Banyan Users of Canada, and served for nearly ten years on the board of directors of the Association of Banyan Users International, ending his service as Vice President. Mr. Whitney also served as a columnist and member of the editorial board of Enterprise Networking magazine for eight years.

Mr. Whitney's working career has included projects in major high technology roles at Amdahl Corporation, Antares Electronics, Groulx and Associates, C-I-L, and Canada Packers. Most recently at Amdahl, where he has served as an International Business Development Manager and Director of WorldWide UNIX Operations, Mr. Whitney was the North Americans Operations representative to the company's E-Commerce Initiative. Mr. Whitney presently heads the sales efforts of HAL Computer Systems, Inc., a Fujitsu subsidiary based in Campbell, CA, for high performance SPARC servers. A business graduate of St. Lawrence College in Canada, and of Morne Technical College, Castries, St. Lucia, West Indies, Mr. Whitney recently completed San Jose State University School of Professional Development's Electronic Commerce Management certification program.

Mr. Whitney completed SJSU ECM certification program on December 15, 1999.


Chuck Gilbert Chuck Gilbert
Co-founder, ECM Alumni Association,

Chuck Gilbert has 15 years experience in marketing and project management. During this time, Mr. Gilbert has applied his project management experience in projects as diverse as satellite receiver design, earthquake research, geographic database management, natural disaster assessment, seismic exploration, and the mapping of everything from the strength of gravity in the Caribbean to the locations of kangaroo dung in the Australian outback.

His primary areas of expertise are in e-commerce management (ECM), the Global Positioning System (GPS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He has filed a half dozen patents in these fields.

Among his many accomplishments, he held a management role in the design, implementation, and testing of the first worldwide, Internet-based, GPS receiver network. The web site and associated software links together hundreds of GPS receivers in dozens of countries. Data from this network is accessed by GPS users the world over to improve their GPS data accuracy from 100 meters to as good as 1 centimeter.

Mr. Gilbert is an accomplished speaker, teacher, and an internationally published author. As an industry evangelist, he has given keynote and other presentations in 35 countries. He has published nearly 100 articles in a dozen countries. His clients, students, and readers praise his ability to express complex, technical topics in terms understandable to the layman.

Presently he operates his own e-commerce company, offers e-commerce consulting services, and teaches the e-commerce curriculum at Santa Clara University and at the San Francisco Center for the Electronic Arts.


Judy Myers Judy Myers
Co-founder, ECM Alumni Association,

Judy Myers has been a marketing professional for over ten years. Her career began in New Product Development with United Artists Cable in Denver Colorado and continued to progress as she assumed management roles with the country's fourth largest cable operator, Comcast Communications. As Director of Pay-Per-View Operations for Comcast, she was responsible for the successful launch and operation of Comcast Home Video Center, a 25 channel Video on Demand service, the first of its kind for Comcast Communications. Judy has experience managing the marketing efforts of a pre-IPO company, and has worked for many years in marketing and management for a large publicly held corporation. Her most recent position was as Director of Marketing Communications for a small start-up in the Silicon Valley.

Ms. Myers received her MBA from the University of Colorado, and recently completed the certificate program in E-commerce Management at San Jose State University's School of Professional Development. She is an active member of several marketing organizations.


Javier Sanchez Javier Sanchez
Co-founder, ECM Alumni Association,

Javier Sanchez, a Spanish national, has five years experience in international marketing and consulting with an emphasis in doing business in Europe and the Americas.

During this period, Mr. Sanchez has helped found two companies, and has served as a consultant to several multinational manufacturing and telecommunications concerns.

He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has been accepted as an A+ Certified Computer Professional by the Computing Technology Industry Association. Mr. Sanchez holds Foreign Trade Specialist as well as International Business Studies certificates from prominent European universities in Spain and the Netherlands.

He has recently completed the SJSU certificate program for Electronic Commerce Management, in addition to a Telecomnications/Network Technologies Certificate awarded earlier in 1999.

Completed ECM certification program, 15 December 1999


Valerie Suares Valerie Suares
Co-founder, ECM Alumni Association,

Valérie Suarès is an experienced marketing communications professional who has a unique combination of skills. Valérie Suarès started her career in communication in 1981 as a trainer and instructional designer. She has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations, corporations, and start-up companies.

She specialized in multicultural environments and has international business experience. Valérie Suarès lived in more than 5 countries and is fluent in French and Spanish. She has helped companies introduce products to market and has also consulted to numerous companies on strategic matters including positioning, corporate identity, branding and international change management issues. A strong management background completes this experience.

She is the co-founder of an on-line e-commerce store called: We Love Macs! The company is dedicated to providing, delivering and supporting multiple Macintoshes computers and technologies that will help build schools networks. Her company has worked with over 68 schools and educational institutions. She is currently providing consulting services to companies at the incubation level by crafting their business plan, executive summary and corporate presentation for Initial Financial Funding in the Venture Capitalists and Angels Community.

She is a graduate of San José State University, with a Masters' degree in Instructional Technologies. She is fully enrolled in the Electronic Commerce Management Certificate. She has also taken graduate courses in Marketing Communication; Supervision and Management; Program and Project Management.

Valerie will finish her Dual Certificate in Electronic Commerce Management with emphasis on Marketing Communications in April 2000.


Meng Foo Meng Foo
Co-founder, ECM Alumni Association of SJSU,

Jack of all trades, Master of all.

Mr. Meng Foo's first experience with the "World Wide Web" was in 1993 in Australia and ever since then he has been hooked.

For the last 5 years, Meng spent most of his time traveling around Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. He has international business experience in Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Australia and North America.

Meng's areas of expertise include project management, human resources, executive search strategies, training and development.

Meng is currently in transition and looking to begin a new career in the Internet economy space.

Mr. Meng Foo completed SJSU ECM certification program on December 15, 1999.


I-Ling Lu I-Ling Lu
Co-founder, ECM Alumni Association,

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