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What do the students say about the SJSU ECM program?

"I enjoyed the class... It really gave a good overview of e-commerce even for a non-tech person such as myself."

"I just wanted to thank you for 2 great informative sessions on E-Commerce. I am in the middle of a career change after 20 years in the hard disc drive industry over to the Internet, and the E-Commerce certificate is the first step of the change."

"Thanks for the great opportunity to become more involved in the world of E-commerce. I am really enjoying the classes. I am also sharing your links with my friends..."

"This is the best and the most outstanding educational program I have ever attended, and I have attended many schools: London University, the University of Paris and San Jose State University. This Continuing Education Certificate program on EC Management is phenomenal by its presenters because you have identified, selected and chosen the best practitioners in the field of e-commerce. This program is exceptional by its content because you understand the importance and the impact e-commerce has on business growth and management of its success. I am very fortunate to be part of this first program: it gives me an immediate awareness about technology changes and their impact on our day to day lives. At the end of every class, I have a set of tools I can immediate apply to our e-business and I never leave a class without a list of action items I have generated from the content that was presented to me. I am telling every one I know about this program..."

"I wanted to give you some feedback on the E-Commerce program. I'm going for the whole enchilada (technically referred to as a "certificate") and I've taken about 7 classes. Brenda's class on "Developing and Managing Content" was absolutely fabulous! Her class model really had all of us engaged in the entire process of developing and managing content throughout the entire class. She started with group projects around lunch of the first day and had us return to those projects 3 more times during the course of the 2 days, taking it a step further each time. I really felt like I understood the process and could do this in the real world. The other thing she did was to ask the students specific questions during the entire presentation instead of reading the powerpoint slides word for word(more comments on this later.) The classes that have added the most value have been ones with group projects with presentations due by the next class. The most in-depth homework assignment award goes to Donya for the Storefront class. The homework is both an individual and group assignment and is the most comprehensive I've seen yet...the program as a whole has been extremely valuable, both from a content standpoint and networking with people who are "wildly fascinated" by the e-commerce movement. Thank you for all your efforts in putting it together!"

"Working with all of the members of Team 2 has been an exceptional experience. Everyone contributed to the group experience, sharing different security and privacy criteria,as well as examples of good and poorly developed sites. I am hoping to work with them on other class projects throughout the duration of this certificate program."

"Thanks again for the great class. I was not planning on getting the E-Commerce Certificate but have now changed my mind because I can see so many weaknesses in the way the travel and tourism industry is using the web."

"Thank you for bringing us this wonderful program of eCommerce."

"I found today's session to be very informative and I am very excited and enthusiastic about the eCommerce certificate program."

"I am a student at the SJSU-PD E-commerce management courses. As you may recall I came all the way from Singapore... I enjoyed attending these courses which I am sure will help in my e-commerce management career."

"I wanted to take a little time to extend my gratitude for all you have done for the class. I am a credentialed teacher and I understand that the quality of instruction that we were given is far beyond any reasonable expectation. You put a lot more into the program and the class than required. I also appreciate the effort extended to get top quality instructors for the rest of the program."

"Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying the program."

"The program really opened my eyes to the possibilities of E-Commerce. Thanks for putting together such an outstanding group of instructors and a management-oriented program. This was time and money well spent."


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